Make more work by working together.
Pay for your creative projects by saving money with other trusted creative practitioners, through Prana app.
Get your projects funded by supporting other projects or businesses.    

How it works

Prana features 

  • Group

    Set up a group of trusted and like-minded creative folks, friends and social ties, who are looking to fund a big project of their own.

  • Pool

    All members contribute to a communal fund every month or week.

  • Cash out

    The total amount every month or week goes towards the project of a different member based on a set schedule.

 Why Prana

1. Communal

Prana is based on a centuries-old system of informal lending circles through which friends and family help each other save for short-term goals. 

2. Interest free

Prana allows for interest free loans.

3. It works!

The saving rate for immigrants using informal lending circles is more than double that of Americans born in America. The default rates are also substantially lower than loans from banks. 

Prana Screenshots

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