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Get Started with Prana


1. Watch our explainer video to learn how Prana can help you pay for short term financial goals. 

2. If you have 5 more minutes, read how Prana can replace high-interest credit cards for certain big buys.

3. Download Prana for Android and Apple.

4. Read through our Product Setup page to start or join a Prana Circle. 

5. If you have any questions regarding Prana, refer to our FAQ section.

6. Get help with set up by selecting an available time slot on Calendly.

7. Prana is a transparent platform and we charge an upfront free per member to cover for the costs we incur to support the app and pay for our payments processor. Learn more about our fees here. 

7. Send us a support email at if you run into a problem with Prana. 

8. Follow us on Instagram where we post about the history and stories related to community-saving groups. 

Contact us


19 Morris Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11205

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