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Sell your high-end products or services in bulk.

Use Prana's collective savings program.

Prana is a great way to sell desirable products or service to preferred customers and increase sales. It provides your customers with an opportunity to obtain high-end products or services at a discounted rate while helping you sell high-end products in bulk.




How Prana for business works

Who is Prana for business for

Prana is a great way to sell a desirable product or service to preferred customers and increase sales.

Here are some specific examples:

 Why Prana for business

1. Communal

Prana for business is inspired by centuries-old system of consumer based lending circles through which participants can attain the purchasing power necessary to negotiate goods at a lower price.

2. It works!

Prana allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and customers, by making products and services more accessible to customers and giving businesses repeat business. 

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