Sell your art and design products to friends and fans by creating a patron circle


Prana allows friends who would like to support your artistic and design practice, to come together and pay a set amount per week or month towards an art piece or design product. You sell more, and your fans and friends can afford your art because they can pay in installments. 




How Prana to Sell Art works

  • Group

    Set up a group of friends and fans who would be interested in buying your art and supporting your artistic practice.

  • Pool

    All friends and fans pay a set amount towards your art piece or design product every week or month.

  • Receive

    Based on a pre-set schedule, all friends and fans receive  their art pieces or design products in rotation. 

Who can use this

Prana is a great way to sell an art, design or high-end product to friends, fans, or preferred customers and increase sales.  Here are some specific examples:

  • Artists & designers

    Looking to sell that limited run of art prints? Sell more work by allowing your patrons to contribute weekly or monthly to receive prints on a pre-set schedule. 

  • Small businesses

    Allow your preferred customers to avail your pricier services and products by allowing them to contribute weekly or monthly to receive your products or services on a pre-set schedule. 

 Why Prana to Sell Art

1. Communal

Prana for business is inspired by centuries-old system of consumer-based saving circles through which participants can attain the purchasing power necessary to negotiate goods at a lower price.

2. It works!

Prana allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between creators and customers, by making art and design more accessible to customers and giving creators repeat business. 

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