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Group orders for bespoke makers and designers, and installment payments for your customers. 

Prana Drop is an initiative that helps bespoke makers and designers get group orders for their higher priced items. In turn, it makes bespoke products affordable to all by allowing a group of customers to pay together in installments. 

Get 6-12 orders in one go

We line up 6-12 orders for a bespoke piece where you ship one piece every week or every month, depending on a predetermined timeline. 


Your customers pay in installments

Since this is a group buy situation, your customers get to pay in installments. However you get the money for each product upfront before the product ships out. We do the math behind the scenes. 


If you are a bespoke maker or designer and would like to be showcased, join our beta before Sept 30th 2021.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch!
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